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  • "Verne's Rockefeller Habits has provided us with the focus and discipline to ensure consistent growth whilst providing a framework to maintain and energise our corporate culture."

    -TRENT BROWN, CEO, Ezypay
  • "Verne's One Page Strategic Plan has provided Silver Chef Limited with a road map to develop and execute our objectives and thereby grow our profit by more than a compound 23% per year since listing on the ASX."

    -CHARLES GREGORY, CEO, Silver Chef Limited
  • "I am honoured to have attended Verne’s first seminar in Australia in 2005 with my team. It was the most important step in our organisation’s history and was the catalyst for us tripling our revenue since that time. We have keenly embraced all of the Rockefeller habits and remain Verne’s avid followers."

    -ALLAN McKEOWN, CEO, Prosperity Adviser
Taking the leadership team on the learning journey: RPMS Engineering
In 2008, Sean Rice was toughing it out on a construction job in Mackay that forced him to be away from his family for two weeks at a time. With six kids at home, it was a tough ask. Keen to make a change, Rice spotted an ad for a contract role with the local council. He won the role, and it proved the catalyst for something big. That year, Rice started a consulting business. A year later, the team had grown to seven people.
Five things you should know about John Spence, best-selling author of “Awesomely Simple”
John Spence is a business prodigy. At 26, he took his first CEO role, leading an international Rockefeller foundation – the Billfish Foundation with projects in 20 countries and reporting directly to the chairman of the board, Winthrop P. Rockefeller III.
Do you really understand your business model?
A business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. Many companies, even sophisticated ones, do not really understand all the building blocks that create the business model that delivers their profits.