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Built to Sell

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  • "Position yourself for more freedom and profits today, and the big payout you want down the road." John Warrillow

    They say life is decided in a matter of moments and nowhere could that be more true than when you’re selling your business. 

    Do it right and your company could be worth a fortune. Fumble a key meeting and you could leave hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the table. Every win – and every mistake – is amplified tenfold.

    In this workshop, you’ll discover more than just how to design your company so you can sell it for a lot of money down the road. You’ll also find powerful strategies for getting more growth, profits, and results from the time and energy you put into your business today. Following the principles in Built to Sell will…

    • Make your company a stronger competitor in the marketplace.
    • Dramatically increase efficiency and productivity in all the key areas of your business.Free up a large portion of your time by automating things you don’t need to handle personally.
    • Increase profits by opening up critical bottle necks in your business processes.
    • Allow you to start stepping away from your business more often with the confidence that things will continue to run smoothly in your absence.

    Why would Microsoft pay $8.5 billion dollars for money-losing Skype? How did AOL justify paying $315 million for The Huffington Post just one year after they turned their first meagre profit? 

    And why -- given these astronomical multiples -- does the average Australian business still sell for just three times pre-tax profit?

    The value of your business is driven by a number of often-misunderstood factors. In this highly interactive workshop, John Warrillow will expose how acquirers value your company and gives you the strategies for driving up how much your company is worth.

    With these stakes in mind, plan to attend John Warrillow’s workshop “Built to Sell”. 


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