Who is The Growth Faculty?

The Growth Faculty are Australia's favourite providers of the very latest in business education. Launched as Business Connect in 2004, in 2010 the organisation was reborn as The Growth Faculty, reflecting our commitment to bring the world’s best thinking to Australian business leaders, and our twin foci on growth and learning.

We provide the very best strategic thinking from around the world and connect global thought leaders and their challenging ideas with Australian business people. Through access to unique content and resources, The Growth Faculty helps business leaders to inspire their people, extend markets, improve performance, grow revenue and increase profitability.

What does the Growth Faculty do?

The Growth Faculty rigorously review, analyse, select and present the world’s pre-eminent thought leaders who are recognised innovators in their area of expertise; then organises business education program to share this wisdom with key Australian business executives, representing BRW’s Fast 100 and Fast Starters, Australia’s TOP500 Private Companies, franchises and the lucrative fast growth mid-size companies.  By sharing these insights, Australian business leaders are able to inspire their people, extend markets, improve performance, grow revenue and increase profitability.

What is the purpose of the Growth Faculty’s business education program?

The Growth Faculty business education program aims to provoke ideas, stimulate action and inspire new ways of driving profitability for business.

Our clients access the world’s leading business minds and discover strategies that create positive change and stimulate increased profitability through our unique range of targeted and focussed business education programs.

The Growth Faculty business education program focuses on the three fundamental growth factors – people, promotion and profit. The power of our program is in the focus on ideas that challenge, access to the world’s leading thinkers and change makers, and a program of practical tools and resources that drive performance.

Why become a Sponsor of The Growth Faculty?

The Growth Faculty host several of Australia’s most important business education seminars each year. Each seminar attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders, and offer Australian business people outstanding opportunities to showcase their products and services, increase the profile of their business, to identify prospects and meet with potential buyers to build lasting profitable relationships.

The Growth Faculty offers a range sponsorship packages tailored to suit the needs of your business. We place strong emphasis on recognising our sponsors and are happy to give our sponsors dedicated support in return. Sponsors of The Growth Faculty can achieve lasting and positive outcomes by linking up with our thought leaders, Australia’s peak professional associations and with our members, giving your business a distinct edge.

In a highly competitive market, why not ensure that your company’s services and products have the best opportunities? Contact our National Sponsorship Manager – Sam Ridley on 02 9976 3304 or [email protected] to discover how we can tailor a sponsorship package for you that will have lasting and positive outcomes for your business.

Why become a Alliance Partner of The Growth Faculty?

The Growth Faculty has formed strong partnerships with more than 200 associations and companies worldwide. We aim to establish a long-term strategic alliance partner network that delivers all of the elements of our business education program, and reaches out to the growing SME market.

The Growth Faculty business education program provides our alliance partners with the opportunity to extend their existing education and training program, create opportunities to grow businesses, and provide access to new marketing opportunities. In addition to commercial arrangements, The Growth Faculty business education program also delivers strong brand awareness and lead-generation opportunities for our partners within the SME sector.

We are always looking for new alliance partners to help promote our business education program, as well as information partners that can improve and add value to our members. If you would like to become an alliance partner of The Growth Faculty, please contact our National Marketing Coordinator – Tammie Quast on 02 9976 3304 or [email protected] to discuss specific leveraging ideas that will meet both our business and marketing needs.

Is there a cancellation policy that applies to The Growth Faculty's events?

The Growth Faculty organises several business education seminar each year. Each business education seminar provides our clients with the opportunity to save by booking at our early bird rate. All delegates who register and pay before the advertised early bird date will receive the advertised discounted rate.

If, for any reason a delegate is unable to attend, a substitute from the same organisation may attend in his/her place at no extra charge. If a delegate wishes to cancel: 1) prior to the early bird date; they are entitled to a full refund or a credit note for future events. 2) after the early bird date; a cancellation fee of $100.00 per event day applies and the remaining amount can be used as a credit note for future events 3) within 7 days of the event or does not show; the ticket is non-refundable.

Privacy clause for The Growth Faculty’s business education seminars

In registering for The Growth Faculty’s business education seminars, relevant details will be only be made available to parties directly related to the seminar including The Growth Faculty, key sponsors and alliance partners.

How do I join The Growth Faculty?

It’s FREE to become a member of The Growth Faculty. Once you have signed up as a member on www.thegrowthfaculty.com, you will receive an email notification with the username and password you’ve created during the membership sign-up process.

Then, you are able to log-in and edit your profile and view the remaining credits available for you to redeem at our next seminar in the near future. All members also receive a further $100.00 off for each business seminar as a special thank you from the team at The Growth Faculty for becoming part of our community.

What is included in The Growth Faculty business education seminar?

The Growth Faculty organises half day and full day business education seminars. Most of our full day business education seminars include workbook and notes, working lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Some will also include networking breakfast and a cocktail party after the seminar.

What is your refund policy on purchasing products from the Growth Faculty’s shop?

Books and online resources purchased from the Growth Faculty’s shop are non-refundable, unless stated specifically on the detailed product overview.