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EA Leadership Summit 2017 - Be Exceptional

As the role of the Executive Assistant continues to evolve, EAs are managing multiple, competing priorities, keeping abreast of new ways of working while continuing to increase value and efficiency.

This premier summit features a select group of ground breaking EAs who are challenging perceptions, redefining the role and thriving at it. Prepare for a day of innovative ideas, actionable insights and critical dialogue by a lineup of international EAs never before featured In Australia. See our agenda HERE.

You will learn:

  • How to improve your critical thinking skills and apply innovative solutions to ongoing challenges
  • Insights into enhancing your value and effectiveness throughout the organisation
  • Strategies to progress your career, elevate your role and achieve your potential
  • How to thrive in a complex, dynamic and changing environment
  • Skills to strengthen your strategic partnership with your executive
  • Tools to improve your leadership through influence
  • Knowledge to build a data-driven case and achieve your financial goals

Make the next strategic choice for your career. Gain rare access to the industry’s most strategic minds, learn actionable tactics and reenergize your passion to move from excellent to exceptional.



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