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Go for Growth - VERNE HARNISH (Australia) (Past event)

Four Key Decisions to Drive Revenue and Profits



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  • Most firms think they have a viable strategy, but don't! There are four critical decisions anchoring an effective strategy for dominating your industry which revolve around Verne's famous One-Page Strategic Planning document.

    Why do entrepreneurs love Verne? Verne Harnish, AKA "The Growth Guy" has all the credentials to help you plan and execute your growth strategy. Verne teaches powerful and practical strategies to executives like you who have no patience for anything they can't put into action right now. In fact, he has presented to more than 30,000 growth-hungry leaders. 

    Why is Verne's one-day program so effective? Verne's One-Page Strategic Plan is the most practical and actionable framework for growing companies. He helps CEOs create focus, alignment, better communication and a killer strategy.

    Learn the four Fundamentals for Sustainable Growth —the four critical decisions you must get right in order to grow.

    Decisions equal success – and there are four decisions, in growing your business, that you must get right or risk leaving significant revenues, profits, and time on the table.

    This one-day seminar is packed with actionable ideas guaranteed to make your business grow in uncertain times.

    Key reasons why you can't afford to miss Verne Harnish:

    • Verne Harnish is rated one of the Top Ten Minds in Business by Fortune Magazine and has all the credentials to help you plan and execute your growth strategy. 
    • Verne is releasing his latest book Scaling Up the first major revision to the Rockefeller Habits in 12 years!
    • The workshop will have insights from Scaling Up +  Mastering Rockefeller the Habits which incorporates all the learnings and experiences over the past decade. The books contain more than 200 stories from 50 CEOs that were interviewed globally, including CEOs from Australia.
    • The Growth Tools have gone through a major revision - the first major revision in a decade. There are three NEW one-page tools - the SWT tool, the 4D Vision Summary tool, and the ME: Living Legacy tool.
    • You will learn the 7 strategy decisions that will minimise competition 
    • Learn how to improve the FACE and PACE of the organisation, driving better accountability and results
    • Understand how technology can take the personality, politics, and position bias out of the decision-making process
    • Verne will show you how to get your team aligned and on the same page and catapult your organisation ahead of competitors. 

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