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Women World Changers is the premier all-inclusive, one-day leadership summit designed to drive critical dialogue on the impact and economics of women, diversity and culture on business growth.  Attended by Australia’s top business executives, government and community leaders, both male and female, Women World Changers will cover the most critical leadership requirements for success in leading and managing Australia’s workforce of the future.

In 2017, we are delighted to welcome Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama as leading keynote speaker. Throughout her tenure at the White House, Ms Jarrett championed the creation of equality and opportunity for all Americans, and economically and politically empowered women in the US and internationally.

Also joining our outstanding speaker lineup is Australia's longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007 - 2015), Elizabeth Broderick. Elizabeth was a key advocate of Australia's paid parental leave scheme, and influenced changes to regulations to increase the numbers of women at decision-making level and elevate the voice of women in marginalised communities. 

Our stellar lineup of speakers from around the world will offer solution-based ideas from abroad and domestically to help all Australians thrive with a focus on:

Don’t miss crucial learnings in the areas of:

  • Adaptability, innovation and agility: How diversity is driving modern business innovation.
  • The implication of the current political and economic landscape and what this means for your business and investments.
  • The economic imperative for closing the gender gap – “Women are half the world’s working-age population but generate only 37% of GDP.” McKinsey
  • Insights into behavioural science; the differences and similarities between men and women and the importance of gender balance in leadership.
  • How to drive cultural change and workplace equality through courageous leadership and engaging middle management.
  • Challenges and opportunities for women’s full engagement in the workplace.
  • Millennial ambition: What drives this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation that will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030? How can leaders harness their contribution?
  • Removing barriers that impede economic development, technology, innovation and business growth.
  • Building a resilient organisation: What are the global trends shaping the Australian economy and how can we invest in employee skills to increase relevance and resilience.


Women World Changers invites you to challenge your thinking, change the game, take action. 


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