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Great by Choice Book Review

Author: Jim Collins | March 5th 2012 | Risk Management, Strategy

Book review by Hazel Jackson, CEO of biz-group

This was a long awaited book for me as a huge fan of Collins and his strategy classic Good to Great and more recently a book I loved How the Mighty Fall.  It took me a few days to get over my initial disappointment though.  He had set the research time frame around from 1972 – 2002.  Why exclude the incredible changes and chaos from the last 5 years?  The research project was 9 years in duration and was true to Collins nature rigorous and detailed.  Once I got past the first chapter I was instantly engrossed by what they found and how applicable it was despite the time frame studied.

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Avoid disruption from competitors: Four tips from visiting expert Salim Ismail

Author: Salim Ismail | October 20th 2015 | Managing a Business, Risk Management, Sales, Marketing & Communication

To stay competitive in your business, sitting still isn’t an option. Businesses like Uber and AirBNB have steam-rolled their competitors to dominate their markets. Salim Ismail speaker and author of Exponential Organizations examines the trends and characteristics of these disruptors to uncover four key strategies a business needs to succeed.

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5 ways to healthier employees

Author: Verne Harnish | March 22nd 2012 | Gazelles Growth Tools, Leadership, Managing a Business, People, Small Business - General, Strategy

Getting your staff on the wellness track is good for them and good for your business. In this article Verne Harnish, CEO of Gazelles Inc. gives you 5 ideas that companies are already using.

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Six Key Trends That Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Author: Halley Bock | March 1st 2012 | Leadership, People

A recent survey of over 1,400 executives and educators across multiple industries was conducted by Fierce Inc, a front runner in global leadership development and training.
Results reveal that limited conversation skills are not unique to any one industry and are not influence greatly by the position held within an organisation. Communication approaches and interactions, whether they are effective or ineffective, impact all levels and functions within every sector.

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Talent Acquisition

Author: Verne Harnish | February 28th 2012 | Gazelles Growth Tools, Growth, Strategy

Companies I talk to around the world are back to hiring aggressively.  However, it’s always taxing to find enough quality candidates to fill the pipeline, especially after the hiring drought many companies have experienced the past couple years; seems everyone is either out of practice and/or their referral networks have dried up.  And without a large enough pool of quality candidates, the likelihood of hiring “A” players drops dramatically.


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