Speaker interviews

National Growth Summit '12

Fred Reichheld

National Growth Summit 12

Fred Reichheld is a business author and business strategist best know for his research and writing on the loyalty business model and Loyalty Marketing. Here he speaks to Verne Harnish about the importance of the Net Promoter System for your business.

Jack Daly

National Growth Summit 12

Jack Daly is an expert and world leader in sales management, bringing over 20 years of proven field experience. Jack talks to Verne Harnish about how recognised he is as an expert in Sales training, Sales Management and now more importantly Culture: teaching Employers how people want to do business with people who enjoy what they're doing!

Halley Bock

National Growth Summit 12

As president and CEO of Fierce Inc., Halley Bock is at the forefront of the leadership development and training industry. Here, Halley talks to Verne about how 'conversation is the workhorse of the organisation'.

Lucy Cornell

National Growth Summit 12

Lucy Cornell, designated LinkLater Voice Coach talks to Verne Harnish about the importance of using the voice you've been given more effectively, explaining her four letter acronym: Arrive, Breathe, Vibrate and Speak.