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Six Easy Wins For HR Professionals
What leads people to compliance is often wrapped up in six simple factors of social science. For recruiters and HR Professionals, the applications are simple and actionable now. See how the Six Principles of Influence from world-leading psychologist, Dr. Robert Cialdini can increase your HR performance and guide others toward ‘Yes’.
Interview: Steve Martin - How To Be Convincing In The Age Of Information Overload
Steve Martin is the CEO of INFLUENCE AT WORK and co-author of New York Times bestseller YES! 60 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion. We caught up with Steve to ask him about how to increase our influence and be heard in an increasingly noisy world.
Six Simple Truths To Take Your Influence To The Next Level
It was Dr Robert Cialdini’s own experience of being easy picking to peddlers, fundraisers and operators that first drove him to write the 1984 classic; Influence. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller answers the age-old question… ‘What makes people say ‘YES.’