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LEAP outside your Comfort Zone – The best thing you’ll ever do.
With over 30 years experience as a career Executive Assistant in America’s most prestigious entertainment companies, D’Andra Galarza knows a thing or two about the rewards that come with embracing risk and the road less traveled. D’Andra has worked at Showtime Networks, Cablevision and NBC Universal. She is currently Senior Executive Assistant/Administrative Coordinator to the Executive Vice-President, Media Marketing & Worldwide Creative Content at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles, California.
Why Competition Isn't Everything - Margaret Heffernan - May Future Thinker
Margaret Heffernan is a CEO, entrepreneur, writer and key note speaker. You may have recently seen Margaret’s TED Talks that have received over five and a half million views, Dare to disagree and Forget the pecking order.
The importance of Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
Daniel Goleman is well known as the psychologist and science journalist who introduced us to Emotional Intelligence with his bestseller of that name back in the 90s. Emotional Intelligence has been named one of the 25 most influential business management books by Time Magazine.
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